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Prasamana - to deeply calm pacify and heal (Sanskrit)

Creating sanctuary in your Zen zone and beyond

You are worthy of awakening luxury and igniting
Prasamana in your body, mind and spirit

You are here to help heal the world, by healing yourself first,
and being the inspiration for peace, love and light within others


All Prasamana designs were birthed through divine inspiration and visioning by Jo Muir. Jo has shared wisdom teaching and healing for a number of years. 

Her free meditation Activations are on your favourite Podcast channel. Her entire series can be found on the Insight Timer App


Everyone who receives a Prasamana product is given access to an exclusive Quantum Soul Activation Series, to help ignite the embedded power of sacred geometry within you, and the Blueprint Qualities of peace, joy, connection, abundance and love. 

Jo knows first-hand that we need not limit ourselves
to doing just one thing in our lives. Expanding her brand into quality products enhances her mission as
a Quantum Change Agent for Radiant Living.

Since creating Prasamana in 2018, Jo morphed into Josephine Sorciere, The Quantum Alchemist for radical transformation and author of 2020: The Alchemists' Awakening

Now her energetic transmissions can be seen and felt through these beautiful unique scarves. Powerful energy made manifest.

Each design has been hand drawn and digitally recreated here in Adelaide, Australia.
Enhanced by layers of sacred geometry patterning, ranging from 5D to 7D,  the high vibrational feel of each creation is truly tangible.

Each item is carefully printed and hand finished by our dedicated team of co-workers in China. The highest standards are upheld, created with precision and reflected in the luxurious quality of each creation.

Supporting charity

We believe in giving back, and paying it forward.

Each month, 5% of all net proceeds are donated to Global Giving – an amazing platform that allows you to explore projects to donate to. They have been around 16 years, and donated more than $355 million to worthwhile projects over 170 countries.

Each month, a different project will be supported.

If you would like to donate directly, all the information can be found at

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