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Prasamana Meditation

Finding Prasamana - peace of mind, healing and calmness - can all start with meditation. It is how Awakening Luxury was birthed. 

All purchases come with a code to access to the exclusive Quantum Soul Activation Series. Helping to ignite the embedded power of sacred geometry, and expanding your sense of peace and wellbeing into your daily life. 

Simply use the code word found on your welcome card in the gift box to access this very special course, unlike anything you have experienced before...

Jo Muir, the founder of Prasamana, is a global teacher and healer, helping people discover and return to the Truth of Who They really Are.

Jo has been creating powerful healing Activations, courses and running 1-1 sessions for many years, as a catalyst for powerful transformation. Free meditations are available on the app Insight Timer

To discover more about her evolutionary work as The  Quantum Alchemist, visit Josephine Sorciere

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