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  • A stunning Prasamana hand-made silk bag with french seams, ideal for your meditation wrap, lingerie, jewelry or keepsakes. A perfect addition to any travel bag for your special items. It's also just the right size for your favourite Oracle, tarot or angel cards. Take your reminder for peace where ever you go.


    Complete with hand-made gold tassels, easily tied at the side of the bag to keep your drawstring pull together. Beautifully small neat stitching has been used for the casing and seams, for a long lasting special silk storage bag. 


    Each bag is 9.5” x 6”, or 25cm x 15cm with 2” gold braid tassels or 5.5cm. Each bag is printed with the iconic Prasamana logo of gold angel wings, bringing a touch of elegance and luxury to your silk bag. 


    Whilst this bag is available as a stand alone item, it is also included as part of your package with my other listings of silk meditation wraps.

    Prasamana Silk Pouch

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